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Savadoro Beta Available

SavvySoftWorks, LLC is proud to announce the Savadoro timer.

Savadoro is Pomodoro Technique timer, while this is still in a very early beta stage, we have big ideas for the timer long term. Including integration into Slack as well...

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Go Static

I started working with the web in the 90s but abandoned it early on due to the lack of sanity in its features. If I wanted to make something beautiful, IE(Internet Exploder for the kiddies) found a way to complicate the matter so...

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A lifetime Making Websites

Recently twitter had a hashtag inviting use to describe of our first 7 jobs. It was a lot of fun to see how my peers had started their lives. Mine went a little something like this: 1. Food worker at an Amusement Park 2. Gas station...

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