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Digital Marketing

If necessary, SavvySoftworks can assist and train your team in digital marketing. We use insightful analytics tools alongside social media advertising to increase your online visibility.


Application Development

Our main focus is on application and website development. Whether it's a full website from scratch or a plugin for WordPress, we'll partner with you to build the tools that help you help your business thrive online.


Content Marketing

Through our partnership with Savvy Shots Photographylink we can provide you with unique, quality images for your website or application. Our digital marketing team can create content such as team photos, blog banners, video, and more.


Team Growth

We don't just develop software, we develop people. Are you trying to grow your development team or improve their current skills? SavvySoftWorks builds world class software development teams and software by integrating our engineers on-location into your team. By working alongside your engineers we can increase velocity and productivity while imparting industry best practices into your development process.


Staff Augmentation

We will partner with your team to reach tight deadlines, help you design your software, and even meet with your stakeholders during your sales cycle. Have you lost a critical team member? We can help bridge the gap in your team so you can take the time you need hiring the right replacement.


Technical Education

If your team needs technical training, we are here to provide it. Primarily we teach teams how to safely use open-source software, improved code quality through low impact code reviews, and how to build reliable software using TDD. We also bring development education to the community through our Meetup group, Western PA Laravel User Grouplink.




An Open Source contact form micro service for those who don't need a dynamic website. We offer a hosted version of this service for $2 a month which includes unlimited messages. A common reason clients request platforms like Wordpress is to bootstrap their online presence and provide an online contact form for client communication. The truth is for the average small business platforms like Wordpress can be too much tool for the job. What they really need is a beautiful website with some basic features one of which is a client contact form. With SavvyMailer your need for a contact form no longer has to define your web platform.

Source: GitHub link

OAuth2 Strategy for the Ruby Omniauth framework to simplify authentication to the ShootProof APIlink

One of our partners needed a custom integration with ShootProof so we took it as an opportunity to give back to the Open Source Community that has been so amazing to us. The client Savvy Shots Photography was happy to participate in helping the development community.


Savadoro link

Source: GitHub link

Built by SavvySoftWorks, Savadoro is our take on a Pomodoro Technique timer. Still in its infancy, it is fully functioning, with a load of updates in the works.


Coming Soon...

Your Project, Your Dream

We will make your project a reality using the most up to date development practices and technologies. We focus on building the most maintainable, reliable, cost efficient solutions possible. Delivering only the features you need under budget. We will teach your team our techniques and provide documentation, leaving them capable of maintaining your project without further cost from us.

Open Source Software

Source: GitHub link

An open source education tool built in Ruby based upon the Stanford MOSS platformlink. The purpose of this tool is to orchestrate multiple student Pull Requests for review/grading and submit the aggregate code to MOSS for academic integrity verification.

Body Snatchers

Source: GitHub link

An open source tool built with ReactJS. Body Snatcher was built to capture form elements, encapsulating them and allowing for easier form submission.

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